Our History

Wellington Village dates back to the mid-nineteenth century when the Stewart family arrived in the 1830s. The Stewarts sold their land to the Ottawa Land Association in 1893, which sat on the acquisition hoping for land prices to increase.

As part of the post-war boom, 1919 brought a large auction of the lands of Wellington Village. On May 31 of that year, parcels of land were sold at auction for an average of $248 each. The depression of the 1930s brought the Wellington Village real estate market to a stop, where it wasn’t revived until the mid 1940s that the market continued to grow and flourish.

The neighbourhood continues to grow and evolve and is a vital part of the City of Ottawa. This historic neighbourhood with its proximity to downtown, its high-level of walkability and its shopping district are what make this community such a desirable place to live. The WVCA is working to protect our neighbourhood and ensure that it grows in a sustainable manner.

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