Westgate Redevelopment Meeting

From the office of the councillor:

One of the most interesting potential development sites in our ward, Westgate Shopping Centre, is soon to be the subject of a new development plan. Owner RioCan is contemplating a pretty significant development of the site that would include much greater density and height. I’ve had a chance to see the plans, and am very open-minded to them. The site is one of the best serviced in the ward, and the usual intensification impacts that we see in Kitchissippi are pretty mitigated. The proposal would see several large residential towers, continued commercial uses, largely buried parking, and some new green space. I’m very curious to hear what the community thinks.

On December 16, from 6-8, River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington and I are inviting you to take a look at the potential development at the Best Western Hotel at 1309 Carling Avenue. RioCan will be on board with its consulting team (architect, planner, transportation engineers, etc.), as well as City staff.



3 thoughts on “Westgate Redevelopment Meeting”

    1. Hi Marlene. The WVCA agrees that Island Park and Carling-based traffic is one of our biggest concerns about development in that area. Island Park is often backed-up all the way past Iona.


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